Cinderella Man Research Paper

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Cinderella man gave me a whole new perspective about the great depression. Jimmy and his family live in New Jersey In a beautiful neighborhood, with a beautiful house. Jimmy starts out boxing and makes a lot of money doing it. Four years into the great depression Jimmie, his wife and three kids lose everything. With little to no money the family does whatever they can to live their lives. One of jimmy’s sons ends up stealing salami from a butcher, which his parents make him take it back because it is the right thing to do. The reason the son stole the salami was because he was afraid his parents wouldn’t be able to feed the kids and they would have to send them somewhere else. Jimmy has trouble getting a job that picks a certain amount of people each day to work in the docks. Jimmy and his wife …show more content…
Jimmy then got a job in the dock, which people thought would be difficult since he had broken his hand, but that didn’t stop him from working. Eventually, jimmy and his trainer talk to the commission of boxing at Madison Square Garden to pay him and to fight more fights. Jimmy ends up winning the next fight, which was considered a great fight entertainment for the public. This then gave Jimmy’s trainer the idea to train Jimmy better and get more fights, which would be great for the public and help Jimmy get money so that he and his family can get through the hard times of the Great Depression. Jimmy’s trainer ends up selling a lot of his apartment items in order to train Jimmy to the best to his ability. Jim ends up fighting Max who is one of the best boxers known during this time, which he is known for killing a man in ring because he hit the man so hard. Finally Max and Jim face each other in the ring, although Jims wife was terrified of him fighting the boxer who killed a man Jim needed this opportunity to get money for his family during the great depression. After fifteen hard rounds of boxing and a tough decision on who the winner would be, Jim beat the great boxer