Leadership: Wobbly Wheels IT Organizational Change

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WOBBLY WHEELS | November 29
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Contents Introduction and Purpose: 2 Leadership Philosophy: 2 Current IT department Structure: 4 New CIO organization: 5 Key Services: 6 New CIO Organization Structure: 6 Key Milestones: 8 Conclusion: 9 References 10

To: Chief Financial Officer
From: Chief Information Officer
Date: November 29, 2014
RE: Wobbly Wheels IT Organizational Changes
Introduction and Purpose:

Over the past few years growth, of WW has not increased and it has remained stagnant due to the slow growth of the economy. In order to improve the growth of the organization, a few IT organizational changes are required that will help streamline the internal processes for WW to improve the
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Then enhance operations by improving dispatching processes to enable safety managers to accurately track, log and report all driver’s hours behind the wheel and forecast overages. As well as, log mileage and efficiency of route optimization. This will not only improve WW efficiency, but will also go a long way to improve customer relationship. Following that, change is needed to be incorporated in the fleet maintenance system; this system is intended to store the information of all the vehicles. The fleet management system as a part of the new ERP solution will need to be mobile so as to take complete advantage of changes on the fly. Next will be enhancing the management reporting system, this will help the management to get the updates through this system. Then we will implement a mobile application that will help mobile reporting and mobile management of the systems. The last change is the implementation of a system to manage the performance of the staff; this system will evaluate the performance of the staff.
Current IT department Structure:

The current IT organizational set up of the WW includes 22 people, 7 programmers, 6 service desk professionals that are currently used to support the customers, the remaining of the current team include 2 network engineers, a financial system specialist, two shift supervisors, a computer security expert and the CIO and her two personal assistants, * Application Programmers - Application Programmers are