Cipd 3dla Reflective Statement Essay

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Tracy King

3DLA Reflective Statement

Creating a Positive Learning Environment

Learning environment – I chose to arrange the room in a horse-shoe shape with participants seated behind desks. This enabled everyone to have a clear view of the screen for my power-point point and video presentations. The desks were needed as the icebreaker and activities required making written notes. I provided fish shaped biscuits and sweets to promote the FISH theme and ensured participants had pens, post-it notes and paper required for the activities and icebreaker.
I began my session my introducing everyone to Nemo swimming in his bowl of water. This was to attract their attention and give the indication that this session was informal and
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The video appealed to those with a Visual or Auditory learning style.
The video highlighted the unpleasant role of being a fishmonger and how the employees chose to make the most of every day. It provided a powerful message about attitudes to work and engaging with colleagues and customers.


* Three Things About You and Me. - Handout
I split the group into two smaller groups of 4 or 5 to enable closer working. Each group identified 3 things they all had in common and 1 thing that set them apart from others in the group and they recorded these on a diagram. Each group presented and discussed their findings. I chose this activity as it enabled members to identify common threads between their co-workers, but also the things that made them all individual. This opened up a short debate about respect, trust and appreciation for the unique qualities of every employee and the strength this brings to a team.
The activity satisfied the needs of those with auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning styles.


Members were asked to revisit the attitude on their label and change it if they believed they felt different now they had learned about FISH. The participant who’s attitude had changed in the most positive way received a gift (Nemo).
Handouts were provided on the philosophy of FISH and the four aspects.

Feedback on Presentation

Feedback received from participants was very positive. Five out of