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Developing Yourself as an Effective Practitioner
This assignment is broken down into a number of sections as per the below:
Activity 1 – The HR Profession Map
Activity 2 – Providing Effective and Timely Service.
Activity 3 – My Personal Development Plan.
Activity 4 – Unit Feedback and Reflection.

Activity 1 – The HR Profession Map
This report covers outputs from the HR Profession Map for the role of the Training & Development Advisor at Next Distribution.
The CIPD have developed the HR Map and this is split into 10 professional areas, 8 behaviours and 4 bands. Having reviewed the map I believe my role within Next distribution sits predominantly at band 2 with some areas of the map being at band 1 and 3.
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I have identified 3 customers and explored what their individual needs are and how these may differ and cause conflict, Looking then at how I communicate with them reviewing both the advantages and disadvantages that sit with each of these methods.
The 3 customers I have identified are; The Site Manager, Team Managers and Training Instructors. The Site Manager’s needs are focussed around providing timely analysis and recommendations in helping them deliver the overall business goals and objectives along with regular observations and feedback for the senior management team. The Team Managers support is focussed around ongoing development of themselves and their teams – ensuring the have the right skills and behaviours to achieve the required performance standards. The work I do with the Training Instructors is around recruiting the right quality trainer and ongoing coaching and development with them to ensure they are able to deliver a high standard of both induction training and on the job training and coaching.
One of the biggest areas that cause conflict amongst all of the above examples is around our end of season sale. At this point we have a very high increase of seasonal staff meaning a lot of my time would then need to be