The Value Of Online Shops For Emporium And Supermarket In The UK

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Contemporary Issue & Research
Contemporary Issues & Research
The value of online shops for emporium and supermarket in the UK

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The value of online shops for emporium and supermarket in the UK

Content 3
1. Introduction 4
2. Research Aims/Objectives 5
3. Literature Review 5
4. Research Hypotheses 8
5. Research Design 9
5.1 Research Approach 10
5.2. Data collection method and Data analysis 11
6. Sample Plan 12
7. Ethical Issues 14
8. Limitation of research 14
9. Conclusion 14
References 15
Appendix 18

1. Introduction
With the beginning of the 20th century, network technology was made a big development and improvement that more and more people would use computers and Internet which has become an integral part of people's lives. Then, with the advancement of technology, and expanding human desire, the original form of consumption could not satisfy people’s requirements of goods. So the electronic commerce was generated and simply called e-commerce. In E-commerce, "e" refers to the use of technologies and systems, and the "commerce" refers to the traditional business model. It means people could do shopping online without outside. They could just use their laptop and log in the website and use their mobile bank to pay it that people could buy the goods. On the other side, the merchants all always create or improvement their online shopping. Also, there are a lot of special and professionally online website were created such as EBAY. The merchant and brand always did the partnership with those websites. It seems the online shops are very important and higher profit parts for the business. In recent years, the emporium and supermarket started to open their online shops which change the traditional consumption patterns. Meanwhile, more people are willing to buy the goods online instead of outside. The emporium and supermarket spend more money to improve their online shops. The purpose of this research will outline the valuation of online shops for emporium and supermarket in the UK.

2. Research Aims/Objectives
The benefits of the emporium and supermarket opened online shop in the UK.

3. Literature Review
There was a long history about British local emporium. For example, the historical and famous emporium Liberty which was opened in 1875 selling ornaments fabric and objects’ d'art from Japan and the East. Within eighteen months Arthur Liberty had repaid the loan and acquired the second half of 218 Regent Street. As the business grew, neighboring properties were bought and added (Liberty, 2014). In the UK, almost all local big emporiums and supermarkets have their own online shops such as Liberty and Tesco However, the emporium and supermarket build their online shops which are more difficult than the brand retailer. In particularly, supermarket online shop is more difficult to organize. The reasons are supermarket could sell some fresh foods which are easier spoilage in a day and pick the goods for delivery which is a huge job for staff to do it.

In the past 30 years, great changes have taken place in the concept of e-commerce. Initially, the use of electronic means of e-commerce means commercial trading activities simplified technique commonly used include electronic data interchange (edi) and electronic money transfers these techniques are applied beginning in the late 1970s. Typical applications are the business documents like purchase orders and invoices are sent by way of electronic data. With more than 6.5 billion