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Stacey Guzman
SL Circle Reflection #2
PSYC 360: Developmental Psychology (Narloch)
Arlington Place Assisted Living Facility

Service Learning Circle Reflection #2
STEP X: “You are here.” About 3 weeks from now it was hard for me to really say where I was, I am now about 1 week from finishing my sophomore year of college and surprisingly I feel like I have a better understanding of where I am in life. The reason for why I say this is because I have declared my major; I have decided to major in sociology and minor in psychology. I mentioned in my first SL circle reflection that college has taught me how to search deeper and grow into a more versatile individual and I can honestly say that’s been the case. My service learning experience has also helped me become more open to opportunities and it’s pushed me to get out of my comfort zone. I can say my beliefs are a little more clear to me now, I think its essential that as a growing individual we give back to the community and individuals who have fostered and created the environment we are now living in. The world we live in is going through constant changes that keeping it stable and intact is a hard job. Therefore, I feel that its only right we show appreciation to our elderly for doing a good job in making the world a better place for generations to come.
In regards to my service-learning site, the manager Karen expressed to me that most of our residents enjoyed my company, and that she really appreciated my help so I was offered an internship position at for this coming school year. This opportunity has honestly been a blessing; at first I was having trouble coming into my service-learning site, I didn’t know what to expect or how I would react in certain situations. However, I feel a lot more confortable now. I know that coming back as an intern is going to be a little different than coming in as a volunteer. I could only assume that it will challenge me in regards to relationships, educational experiences, employment opportunities, and in my overall development. Despite the new challenges I might face, I am more than excited to begin this new chapter in my life.
Visit Activities
I. I start my day by walking around the residents rooms and greeting them
II. I spend one on one time with Alice, asking her how her day went and suggesting activities that we can do
III. Help serve supper on most nights
IV. Interact with residents in the common area
V. Help file charts and clean up common area
VI. Alice and I work on crafts, puzzles, board games etc.
VII. I help set up for Happy hour by gathering residents, asking them what they would like to have for appetizers and activities
VIII. I go on walks with residents, especially Alice
IX. I usually just make myself readily available and approachable for residents

Step 1: Observations
Residents seem to be more comfortable with my presence
During supper time, a majority of residents look for me and ask me to sit with them
There was a change in seating arrangements at the dinning area
Residents despite changes in seating arrangements, they still tend to gather with their friends or previous seating arrangement buddies
During supper, residents tend to care and help one another
Residents often wait until everyone is finished eating before dismissing themselves from the table
Residents like to know ahead of time what is on the agenda for the day including what’s on the menu for dinner and supper
Residents like to be given choices, instead of orders. They tend to feel more confortable and less trapped.
Residents have a similar routine everyday
Residents enjoy when volunteers sit next to them and start conversations
One resident, Carol awaits my return. Every time she sees me she takes me to her room and shows me different movies that she wants to see
Alice has trouble keeping long conversations but somehow always greats me and recognizes me as I walk in
Alice likes for us to talk about the world, she enjoys watching TV and keeping up