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“What is The Circuit?”

The Circuit is about an illegal immigrant boy who comes to America with his family to make a better life for themselves. Although it is a struggle moving from place to place in order to find work to make ends meet, Francisco tries to make the best of things. When it comes to not speaking English and having no education it becomes a struggle for Francisco. Francisco tells us what he has to go through every day just to make a better living with his family. By the time, he finally is able to go to school and try to make new friends, Francisco ends up leaving with his family again to find more work. When Francisco was able to go to school it was hard for him to understand. He could not read or speak English, and as a result, it made it very hard for him to make friends because of this. Most of the time, he was not able to go to school because he had to help his family work in the fields. It was always his dream to stay in school because he liked it so much. Traveling around to different destinations to find work did not help him either. Eventually, Francisco was able to go to school later on in life. Being poor, was not easy for Francisco or his family. Every day they strived hard to work and make a few dollars. The hardest time for the family was trying to take care of the hospital bill when Francisco’s sibling had to go into the hospital because he was very sick. Living in small places and crowding in the same bed was rough too. They kept on working though just to make a better living for themselves. Francisco’s family was not able to afford a Christmas present for each of their kids but made the best of it by giving them candy. Francisco had a hard time making friends. The ones he was able to make friends with did not last long because after work done in one area they had to travel to another