Circumcision Not Their Decision Essay

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Exploratory Draft on the Negative Affects of Infant Male Involuntary Circumcision

The issue I am writing about is the routine circumcision of infant males. There are several reasons why this is a problem. One primary reason I believe this to be a problem is the fact that this act removes the choice of the person to have the procedure done on their own terms at a later time in their lives. There are several medical detriments that are dangerous, harmful and even fatal in some cases. The most important causes of this problem stem from the mainstream medical practice and through customary religious roots. There are religious and cultural reasons behind circumcision. However, it is argued in the United States that some medical benefit from circumcision exists. It is now a routine medical practice to circumcise infant males with parental consent and in some cases without. I believe this act to be a violation of the child’s human rights and that this practice should be stopped immediately, perhaps even made illegal. I also believe that this should be a choice made by the child when he is of age to make a rational decision about his own body. Stopping this practice would significantly reduce the health risks that come with circumcision such as destroying concentrated specialized nerve endings of the penis and the more than 100 unnecessary deaths that happen each year in the United States. I cannot think of an alternative solution to this. It is simply a do or do…