Circumcision Research Paper

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Male circumcision has long been a debate with decisions based on cultural, ethnic, religious and social preference of the parent. There are both benefits and risks associated with the procedure of male circumcision. The procedure involves the removal of some or, the entire foreskin around the penis. Neonatal circumcision is rising among English speaking countries and it is known now that more than 80% of the male population has been circumcised. (CDC, 2006) This number is rising however; studies show that there is insufficient evidence to recommend neonatal circumcision as a routine decision. (AAP, 2006). Many debates of this procedure relate to the benefits versus the risk and medical costs that the procedure entails. This paper …show more content…
The United States has a very high rate of neonatal circumcisions and is becoming less socially acceptable to be uncircumcised. I feel that this pressure greatly attributes to a parents decision to lean more towards circumcision than not. A survey was conducted among parents of 124 newborn males at an American hospital. The results of this survey showed the parents decisions were based more on social concerns than medical concerns. The parents were pro circumcision based on the fact that they wanted their child to look like their fathers, family and friends. The survey showed that 90% of circumcised fathers had circumcised sons. (CIRP, 2000) Although this is a survey and not a research study, I feel that it reveals the fact the most decisions today are based more on emotional, socially acceptable decision rather than rational decision. After reading literature and research studies on the subject of circumcision I feel that there is definitely not enough medical evidence and insufficient information to recommend routine neonatal male circumcision. Understanding that the newborn infant doesn’t have the chance to make this decision, I feel that parents should be more educated on the risks versus the benefits of this procedure. There seems to be more evidence recently to support the fact that this procedure is not medically necessary and can affect sexual function as well. After reading the studies and writing this paper