Cirque Du Soleil Case Essay

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Cirque’s competitive advantage is its culture that supports and energizes its innovation goals. Cirque strengthens its distinctive competency of creativity and achieves business objectives by creating an environment of trust and dedicating resources to encourage employees to hone their craft and try ideas.

Analysis and Recommendation

In order to attract more talent and increase its employees’ satisfaction along with its commercial success, Cirque will need to change how it manages its culture, talent and growth. It must create and communicate a vision and mission that establishes a shared sense of purpose. And, it must manage its culture through systems that alter and reinforce how employees should think, behave and feel about team
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* A brand that represents desirable and deliverable points of difference from competitors within the live entertainment business. * The passion and accomplishments of Cirque’s communities of practice make Cirque a magnet for talented people. * Employees have a psychological and emotional stake in Cirque since they are supported to hone their craft (expert coaching provided). * Through la boule, Cirque ensures that everyone has the freedom to communicate and provide feedback; it has separated its decision-making hierarchy from its communication structure which supports everyone to express their ideas and contribute to problem solving.

WEAKNESSES * Not making use of customer research to assess brand promise and develop value proposition. * Touring schedule has fatigued workforce and has led to turnover and repetitive stress injuries. * Lacking a sense of purpose to drive the collective whole—some work units work in silos. * Montreal office seen “distant” and cannot not deal with all of the diverse HR issues on tours. * No expectations of role behaviors that employees must demonstrate to drive the strategy and help to further develop core competencies of Cirque such as creativity. * Is the company set up for success (a succession plan and clear vision) if Guy left?

OPPORUNITIES * Brand-building program aimed