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In cl e iv us


n n v o e iv t a Making learning happen
By Ndumiso Nsingo

The word Curriculum originates from Latin, ‘Currere’ and can be interpreted as a course for racing or a course to be run
This presentation will;
 Rationale for changing the curriculum
 Thought process
 How I aim to implement the changes

Curriculum Design
Subject specialism

BTEC level 3 Electrical and Electronic Principles

Mandatory unit

It has both Practical and theory Component

I have good experience teaching the unit

Science based unit – with a lot of mathematics

Curriculum Design

Why the Change?? Fatima

Curriculum Design (Feedback)
How would you design the curriculum to be inclusive for Fatima

Inclusive curriculum practice
Inclusive practice can be seen as a process of developing, designing and restructuring study programmes to maximise access to the curriculum by all students.
Untrue Facts

Not all visually impaired learners access or prefer to access information in Braille

Not all engineers are male, Esther Marley Conwell

Not all learners with dyslexia will read better from a coloured paper Inclusive curriculum practice
I will aim to build an inclusive curriculum by;
 Identify barriers that would limit learners from achieving the core requirements
Time, Teaching and learning, Assessment, Diversity

Minimise or rather remove the barriers that would impede access to the curriculum.
Effective use of ICT, Review assessment methods, Delivery methods 

Adaptable ….

Design for Innovation

For learning to occur, the learners should make the commitment to learn
Akinsola (2007)

Content delivery is less important than the skill of making sense of the content
Kanter (2011)

Design for Innovation
For my curriculum design I will consider;
 variety is the spice of life
 Think about how to balance content delivery and Sense making of the content - Interactions , directed questions
ICT & Embedding
 Use of social media i.e. Blogs, wikis, Facebook to enhance the learning environment

Curriculum Theories & Models
Curriculum as a product
Based his model on 4