Cirue Du Soleil Essay

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This course work will concentrate on marketing analysis of the world’s leading circus company Cirque du Soleil. Based on the data given it will conduct a PEST, Porter’s 5-Forces, SWOT analysis and discuss the results, together with results paper will concentrate on marketing and positioning strategies and Ansoff’s Matrix, and also recommend strategy measures for achieving sustainable economic development outcomes. It was found that, first of all, Cirque du Soleil is making a profit while most of its competitors are fail to break even. Second, with its innovative and creative productions, the Cirque stays in a distinct position that none of its competitors can compete. Third, the Cirque’s shows ease to accept by
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|Economic Factors affecting Circus Industry |
|• Economic well-being of the population and the high level of economic|• Presence of trade barriers |
|sustainability of the market |• Uncontrolled exchange rate fluctuations |
|• Availability of cheap resources – human, capital, land |and foreign currency conversion |
|• Low penetration rate – attractive market |problems |
|• Absence of high competition |• Competition promoting economic |
| |environment |
| |• Global Financial Crisis |
|Social Factors affecting Circus Industry |
|• High mobility of population |• Non-loyal nature of customers |