Cis 210 Application Architecture

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Application Architecture
Noor Al Shadidi
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CIS 210

Application Architecture
The purpose of writing this report is to present a new payroll system for the company. Building a payroll program for a large organization with offices spread across the United States has many changelings and most be done in a particular way. Thus having the right application architecture is important where the design is concerned, because the company has one large data center that each office connects to via a wide area network (WAN). Hence the appropriate architecture for this situation would have to consist of a WAN diagram to be used in management of this project, along with system documentation, and information technology architecture documents to provide a visual representation of the network. Wide area networks (WANs) cover a large, physical area. Many WANs cover entire buildings, cities, states, or regions. Thus the primary purpose of my WAN is to link together local area networks, of these other offices spread across the country

Architecture Should Use In this Payroll program the case study has been centered on having the proper application architecture that would be effective for the situation at hand. It would take into consideration where what equipment needs to be and where its physical location should be as to be effective for the organization. Thus an effective system would combine elements into an architecture, or design, that is flexible, cost-effective, technically sound, and able to support the information needs of the business. There would be a logical design of the payroll system into a physical structure, which would include hardware, software, network support, and processing methods.
The company needs to move to an Internet-Based architecture because it will lower the hardware cost the company would have to pay if the company stays with the old system. The Internet-Based architecture ran off the web, and HTM coded documents transmit all data. An Internet-Based architecture is go to make the company’s payroll system more efficient, reliable and cost effective. (Shelly& Rosenbatt, 2012) It is also going to make the deployment, maintenance, support, and upgrades easier. The changes on the server side are instantly available to all users once they are deployed or activated. (Jakovljevic, 2006)It is going to be more cost-effective because the company will not have personal managing every component like the company has now. To take the Internet-Based architecture a step farther; the company needs to have cloud computing to work with the Internet-Based architecture.
The cloud computing is going to allow the company to more the data center to a third party, and the company will be able to access the information from the cloud. The employees at the remote sites will have no idea that they are working in the cloud. They will see no change, and they may even think they are still working on the WAN. The cloud will give the company more compatibility at peak times compared to the company’s old system is limited on the service it can provide at peak times. It will take the responsibility managing and maintaining the data center and move it to a third party. Where it will be ran on a much larger scale and allows us to grow with little to no constraints. Therefore some type of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) would have to be established in order to determine the strategy/ies for using IT resources in the new payroll application. There would also be a supply chain management (SCM) and initial Cost and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). This will come into effect when the final design stage, is completed and where certain decisions will be made that will have a major impact on the initial costs and TCO for the payroll system. Cost estimates should also not be overlooked when final decisions are being made. There should also be consideration for scalability in reference to the new system