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Data Communication Concepts I

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Assignment Questions:

Describe the responsibilities and scope of authority for each of the following government organizations. You may need to review the discussion on the ITU from chapter one:
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This allows for shorter and faster routes for delivery of messages. However, each computer is personally handling it’s own routing through the network which requires more processing power individually.

Name the two types of dedicated-circuit services in common use today, and provide a complete list of common speeds and designations associated with each type.
T Carrier Services
T1 & T3 are commonly used. a T1 provides a data rate of 1.544Mbps - TDM provides 24-64 Kbps circuits. - DS1
A T3 circuit transmits a rate of 44.736Mbps - Usually used with MAN’s and WAN’s - DS3
T2 - 6.312Mbps DS2
T4 - 274.176 Mbps - DS4
FT1 - 64 Kbps - DS0
Synchronous Optical network (SONET) Services:
SONET begins from 51. Mbps and goes up to a high of 622.08 Mbps, the hierarchy is devided into OC levels 0 Optical Carrier.

Compare and contrast frame relay and ATM private packet switched services.
Frame Relay: Slower than ATM - More unreliable, NO QoS Yet - Slower Data Rates No error detection or correction - Cheaper
ATM: Extensive QoS It doesn’t offer error control - Faster Data Rates - Less Delays - Expensive

Explain the difference between an SVC and PVC, include in your explanation the connection or connectionless orientation of each.
SVC - Switched Virtual Circuits - Is dis connected when a call ends, established dynamically on a per call basis only, meaning only active as long as the