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Chapter 1
Google live will happen
Moore’s Law 1965
Ipad is a consumption device
Microsoft surface is a creation device
Most important part of Business info system is people
Attitude will make you good at computing (and critical thinking)
Best way to do something in business: most efficient / best practice
Internet doubles in speed every 14 months
Leader – buy newest tech and get an edge over competitor
Follower- wait and lose edge Neither is better
Microcomputer (the box) laptop, desktop, iPad Need system software to work (operating system or platform)
GUI – graphical user interface
Application software- you turned it on
Most important thing productivity suits (like Microsoft Office) do is share data
Easiest way to share data is cut and paste but is dangerous Cut and paste is static
Embedding is also static
Linking is dynamic changes if source changes as well
Spreadsheet Software
What if analysis They are relational

Chapter 2
CPU (central processing units) -brains of computer Clock speeds (nanosecond speed)
Computer made up of 2 parts – binary Electric device: on/off called bits
Input & output- translates 1s and 0s Is translated to machine codes
Most microcomputers use ASCII
System Unit- stores memory, retails memory, process memory
Primary Memory (RAM) - volatile, what user is currently working on
Secondary Memory – nonvolatile, where info is stored (doesn’t need electricity)
Virtual memory (the elf) - plan that tears up info. in RAM and places it elsewhere
Does tech superiority mean you will win? NO
Chapter 3
Operating system Called a platform- system software Collection of computer programs Manages filing system- secondary memory
RAM- volatile storage/ primary
Disk Storage: Non-volatile secondary storage like an internal hard drive, an optical disk, or even a hard drive in the Cloud.
Hard drives have spinning platters, like a record player that record positive or negative charges that represent ‘1s’ and
‘0s’, a binary system.
Defrag (defragmentation) – puts away info (‘laundry’), cleans/organizes hard drive
FAT- table of contents for hard drive
GUI- Graphical user interface – what you interact with
DRM (Digital Rights Management) - protects content
Select Drapes web What’s good/bad Can you find it on Google- is on google but difficult to find Does it work on iPad- yes

Microsoft - DUE FRI. Oct. 4th
Skeuomorphic: digital interface makes it look like real life
Swiss modern design: Microsoft uses- flat and bold graphics, focus on text
NUI- natural user interface, very humanistic

CIS Why computer works
Need to know how to make good decision on how to pick tech.
Computer is binary Has to be, it’s electric (2 states: on or off)
Firmware- programs that run automatically Burned into chips Electric Not changeable
Program called BIOS (input/output system) Locates hardware like hard drive and finds OS and enables it
Application program You turned it on = application program
Inventory of what computer is
Viruses stop commerce
Runs your computer (time/date changing, everything you do)
Authenticate – passwords, load user profile
User profile – user’s specific preferences
How often can someone guess password – 50%
Passphrase – like a strong password A phrase used for password
Machine language – 1s and 0s
Hierarchy or tree Shows folders or computer files
Doesn’t make hardware faster but more efficient
Pit- draw hole
Land- don’t draw hole
Secondary storage Nonvolatile memory Doesn’t need electricity Not accessible by CPU Have to turn into RAM
English Coding
WHY did Blu Ray beat DVD Industries backed Blu Ray (Porn backed them up)
Cloud storage- does it render other storage useless Possibly, great advantages

Book 3, Chapter 3
ARPANET made networks at UCLA that connected them and would be