Riordan System Proposal Paper

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Riordan System Proposal 2013

Team B


April 8, 2013
David Sysowksi


After careful assessment of the infrastructure and inventory systems used at Riordan Manufacturing, our team has identified these systems are outdated and unable to effectively manage the day to day processing. As a global leader in the manufacturing of plastic products, the performance and reliability of the infrastructure is crucial to the continued success and growth of your company’s operations. Therefore, our solution to uplift the infrastructure and launch of the Riordan Global Operations System (R.G.O) a new platform for supporting inventory and managing customer orders . Our system will enable your employees and customers see
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This also has the benefit of being able to tie into already used applications such as Microsoft Outlook for retrieving status and help desk requests and reports. The latest versions of both products also can tie into a company’s cloud infrastructure, allowing easier access to employees stationed at different locations throughout the world. The benefit of implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) involves marketing, sales and support. It integrates sales force automation, service and support, marketing, analysis and collaboration between employees, customers and vendors within a business. Its ultimate goal is to increase efficiency, boost profits and help reduce costs (ERS, 2013). 1) System Overview

a) System Access –A specific discussion on any Internet and mobile access components of the system (Michael) i) Internet ii) Users b) Information Security – A discussion of any information security and ethical concerns with the system (Steven) 1) Security Citation:

"Computer security is threatened, not by two-bit hackers, but by a lack of security on the Internet and other networks."

A growing concern: Information security. (1994, Jul 27). The Christian Science Monitor (Pre-1997 Fulltext). Retrieved from