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The 4 Environment sectors that affect Cisco the most, are – (E) Market Sector: Being a product maker for consumers as well as business this sector is very important for their sustained revenues.
(A) Industry Sector: the industry that Cisco exists is highly competitive and thus will have an impact.
(J) International Sector: With presence in multiple international markets, this will be an important sector
(F) Technology Sector: Being a technology company, innovation and production techniques are important.

Ravi’s personal rank order is :
1. Techniques of production, computers, IT, science, e-commerce (The Technology sector)
2. Customers, clients, potential users of products and services (The Market sector)
3. Competitors, industry size and competitiveness, related industries (The Industry sector).

Technology Sector : Trends are - SDN (Software Defined Networking), commoditization of hardware (switches and routers), maturing market of networking, Virtualization and Cloud based services. Techniques of producing software – Agile versus Waterfall. Techniques of producing hardware – Commodity silicon versus custom ASICs.
Outsourcing and off-shoring trend : New cutting edge design and development in US (Art). Work that is easily replicable or that can be scripted (Science), is given to cheaper Asian nations.

Customers : Enterprise, Service Providers. New trend among Cisco’s clients : they are graduating to be consumers of IT services; there is a need for end to end architecture rather than specific point solutions.

Related industries : IBM moved to