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Out of the sixteen assignments that we did in class the one that I liked the most was the power point presentations. Not only did I think it was something that would catch the attention of the class but it also brought some closure to me as well. When we were first given the assignment I had no clue what I was going to do mine on so I had to think real hard and real fast. It still took me some time but when I finally figured out what I was going to do my power point on everything else fell right in place. Being that I knew a little bit about power points and slides it wasn’t too hard to put my presentation together what caught me was all the emotions I had while doing it. If you are wondering what I mean by emotions that I was having let me explain. My power point presentation was a tribute to my father rest his soul who passed away January eighth which also is my youngest child’s birthday. We were very close and I love him dearly. There are days where I just sit around and reminisce on the good times that we had when he was here. Not too jump off the subject though this assignment to me was my best only because I knew what I was doing for the most part. My decision for picking the power point presentation as my favorite assignment that we did in class was simply because I felt it was much easier than the others and once you know how to do something already it should be like taking a walk in the park. Another reason for my decision was because out of all sixteen assignments there were only four others that I liked and the other six I didn’t quite understand or they just didn’t catch my attention like the others did. I…