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CIT 2200
IT Project
Project Communications

Project Communications
Time in time we often heard if the communication had better, the project would have run better .How often we undermine this important key factor of the project? Many times some project managers are not always to the task to communicate what is the most important to the team .Just as important to successfully complete a project, communication is a also an essential and critical .Communication not only keeps everyone up-to-date on the project progress ,but providing fast ,convenient ,consistent information about the project to the stakeholders.
The success of any projects is based on communication, without a solid way to establish this important part of the project will somewhat halt the project and the pointing fingers will begin .It is the project manager responsibility to insure that everyone on the team has been properly addressed and knows what function each and everyone will play to successfully complete the project. According to Dave Nielsen, ‘’Communications are a critical deliverable of every successful project and a key project management soft-skill. You may not have thought of communications as an actual project deliverable, but it is. It may not be the one your client or customer places the most emphasis on, but that's because every client and customer will take good communications for granted’’.
Project managers must understand and work with various stakeholders when it comes to communication because some projects might include other people that are not living in the same city, state or country .To prevent any sort of obstacles happens, project managers have to develop a simple approach that includes basic information to all teams members no matter where team members are located .With such approach, everyone will be on the same page and the project will successfully complete on time. By reading this articles it quite amazing to know how difficult it can be for a project manager to work with various people especially in the communication front. Like