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London Metropolitan University – International Foundation Programme – IFP IF3102
Foundation Studies Plus Spring Semester 2013 - In-class Assessment - Guidelines

You are going to write a short essay answering the question ‘Should parents be allowed to smack their children or should it be against the law?’ (500 – 750 words)
You have a booklet with 5 texts on smacking. You are going to use these as sources to write your essay in class. You will have 90 minutes to write your essay.
Before the in-class assessment, you need to do the following tasks:
1) Take notes on the key points you need for your essay from each of the articles and then make notes from these, putting them on 1 sides of A4. They must be in note form (linear or visual). You can also bring in your articles so you can write short points in the margins and use highlighters. 2) Prepare a paper with the reference details in Harvard referencing style as they would appear in a Reference List at the end of your essay. You will hand this in with your essay.

3) Prepare a plan of your essay. This should also be in note format with numbers/letters and/or bullet points. You should not write out full sentences.
So this is what you can bring with you to the in-class assessment:
1) Your sources (margin notes and highlighting permitted)
2) 1 side of A4 with notes from your sources
3) Reference List
4) Plan of your essay
You will give all of these in with your essay. The Reference List will be part of the