Factors That Determine The Price Of Mobile Phone Devices In A Free Market

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Individual Assignment
Examine the factors that determine the price of mobile telephone devices in a free market.
Analyse with the aid of a diagram how prices have changed over the last 3 years.


Maximum Word Limit and Assessment weighting for each aspect within the assessment:

Word count
Your assignment should be maximum of 2000 words
Description of Assessment Requirements

Report format - Please ensure that you acknowledge your sources of data using Harvard referencing method.
You are expected to use a wide range of sources for your research (e.g. journal articles, reports, books, magazines etc).


Presentation & Introduction 15% Structure, Language, referencing

Objectives 10%
Addressing the purpose of the assignment
Analysis 40%
Application of the theory through critical analysis of the topic area

Illustration 15%
Use of examples / data, graphical illustration Conclusion 20%
Evidence of the conclusion being supported by theory/literature

Your report should meet the following expectations: Answer the question set and keep to the topic.
Demonstrate an understanding of relevant economic principles, concepts and theories; Ability to provide insightful analysis of issues involved;
Ability to organise material with supporting evidence; Skills in using diagram to explain economic ideas;
Knowledge of current issues