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1800PetMeds is a nationally recognized pet pharmacy service, which provides pet owners with a convenient option for purchasing both name brand and generic pet medications, at a lower price than one may find at their Veterinarian’s office or local pet store. PetMeds currently offers over 3000 products to cat and dog owners, that can be easily purchased on the 1800PetMeds website, and are shipped quickly to the consumers. More recently, PetMeds has added various Pet supplies, which consumers purchase through the 1800PetMeds website, but are shipped from outside companies. Although PetMeds is known mainly for their pet medications, adding more pet products has presented consumers the additional benefit of shopping for their pets needs through a single retailer.
Board of Directors
Currently, PetMeds board of directors is made up of the following members:
Robert C. Schweitzer
Chairman of the Board
Independent Director
Financial Consultant

Menderes Akdag
Director, Chief Executive Officer and President of the Company

Frank J. Formica
Independent Director
Legal Consultant

Ronald J. Korn
Independent Director
President of Ronald Korn Consulting

Gian M. Fulgoni
Independent Director
Executive Chairman of comScore, Inc.

Bruce S. Rosenbloom, CPA
Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of the Company

Alison Berges, Esq.
Corporate Secretary and
General Counsel to the Company

The company’s Board of Directors oversees the company’s success through decision making in financing, marketing, and plan objectives. Each officer is appointed to their position by votes made by PetMeds’ stockholders (votes are mailed in, made online, through telephone or at the company’s annual stockholders meeting)

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Chief Executive Name
Chief Executive Title
Financial Summary
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Financial Statements
Statement of Financial Position
Statement of Financial Position
Ownership Equity
Statement of Comprehensive Income (Profits and Losses)