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The country I chose for this discussion is Russia. Russia has one of the world’s fastest growing economies. It is a hot spot for internal business. In order to have a successful international business one must understand Russian business etiquettes.

Business meeting in Russia conducted formally, where as in the United States meetings are informal but “serious in content”. When attending a meeting men should dress conservatively in dark colored business suits and women should not wear paint suits they should instead wear longer knee length skirts. As a foreigner it is unacceptable to be late for meetings. It is understandable for Russian colleagues but not for a foreigner. “Also, don't expect your late Russian colleagues to apologize for their tardiness, as their behavior is considered to be a test of your patience” (Foreign Translations, 2013). In the United States it is considered rude to be late for a meeting, being five minutes late with an apology is acceptable any longer a phone call is expected to warn and apologize for impending tardiness.

Almost all Russians speak English, but Russians translations need to be included on the flipside of a business card, and also provided for business correspondence. This shows enthusiasm for doing business, thoroughness and precision, and shows you are willing to go the extra to conduct business with Russian colleagues. In Russia people stand close when talking, and in the United States people do not stand close when talking, they feel like the other person is invading their space and will step back.

Patience is an important quality for Russians, and they appreciate time in order to debate, or consider a negotiation. Attempting to rush a decision through high pressure talks would make an individual appear to be impatient and rude. Their business meeting and negotiations are time consuming. In the United States business negotiations are rushed, because time is money. Both countries an agreement is not final until both parties have signed a contract.

Before a women visits Russia for a business meeting she should have a respected colleague send a letter to introduce them, and business cards that states the woman’s academic degree and