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Women’s Rights Convection of 1851” Americans History ABC-CLIO 2014.

The women’s rights convection of 1851 was a movement that issues that was used to get women rights and opportunities for political and social ways in the society. The point of this article is to show how hard women had to work to just to get some rights in society that they had to make there own convection. If asked about this article I would say that it is very detail about the women steps to accomplish there goal of being equal to everyone in society.

I feel that it’s a useful source. It compares with other sources because it is more detail in what the women fought for how they did it and what steps they took to make it happen. Yes the information in this article is reliable. The goal of this source is to show you the things women did to get there rights. The source is objective.

This article fits with To Kill A Mocking Bird’s historical context because women in the southern were expected to be the “stay at home mom” and not work like there husbands and earn their own money. The insight that I have on this article that I have gained into the Great Depression era America was that women had no say so they were looked at like they had no independence in there life
Agitating For Women Rights” Americans History ABC-CLIO 2014. The main idea of this article is that there were a lack of civil and legal rights to women. Women wanted to be beyond the realm of home and family and the need of and increase in opportunities for women in profession. a lot of women rights reformers…