Essay on Citizen Kane Review

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Sean Boseman
Literature 141
Professor Waggoner
27 August 2013

Citizen Kane A lot of filmmakers think that an emotive movie is a good movie. Which I disagree with, I do not see making people feel sad or happy as an impressive or difficult accomplishment. But in the case of Citizen Kane, rather than a cheap tug at the heart strings we see a man’s journey into darkness. It's rare that rather than exploit ones feelings with a climactic sadness, that we are drawn in. In Citizen Kane we experience a detailed, believable journey with a sadness that creeps up on you just as it seemingly creeped unto Kane.
The first scenes of the movie I am definitely a fan of, the pleasure palace, rosebud, it grabs your attention and never lets go. Also I like how it started out as a mystery and became something much more, it feels like the movie would have been good even without the search for the meaning of rosebud. Almost like a crutch but too entertaining and relevant to be deemed unnecessary. I especially like Kane’s foreboding attitude as he is taken away against his will to frolic in the spoils of his parents find. I also enjoyed the erraticism of the story, full of ups and downs, mostly taking place within Kane himself. The affairs, the careless spending, etc; watching a man who’s only way to express his displeasure with the position in society and wealth that was unwantingly’ thrust upon him, as terrible as it sounds, makes for pretty great movie. Of course these actions could