Citizen Ruth Character Analysis

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Mohammed Al Hooti
Matt Reid
SOC 2000-118
October 31, 2016
Citizen Ruth
In Citizen Ruth, Ruth the main character is portrayed as an unintelligent, uneducated drug addict that will do anything she can to acquire money. In the beginning of the movie, she goes to the home of her brother, where two out of her four children reside, and ask him for a place to stay after he declines her request she then cries and breaks down for money. When she receives this money she goes and buys herself liquor and a can of paint sealant to get high with. She is then arrested and taken to court during court she learns that she is pregnant and this being the fifth child that will be given to the state she is faced with a felony charge. After the court hearing the judge talks to her one on one and advises her to have an abortion to drop the
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Everyone tried to push their thoughts and feeling onto Ruth when it wasn’t needed and okay. Its Ruth life and body and she has the right to do whatever she wants to do with it. Not all individual issues are social issues especially when it comes to a women’s body and well-being. Once personal and individual issues become public they can’t be unpublicized, it makes it open for everyone in that community to say what they feel about the situation. When it becomes publicized not only does this make it a “social issue” in society’s eyes it takes away from the individual’s choices in replace to make what the majority in the community wants the result to be in the end. When it comes to an individual’s life and body society always put their opinions in when it’s not needed because they don’t live with the aftermath of the decision of the situation, the individual does. Ruth had the right to abort the baby if had wanted to she also had the right to keep if she wanted to also, she has to live with whatever she chooses, it’s her body and