Citizenship: Primary School and Active Citizenship Essay

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GCE Citizenship Studies (2100)

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As a part of this GCE course you will be expected to be involved in a wide range of active citizenship tasks. Your involvement in these tasks should be recorded in this active citizenship profile. You will need to complete this profile and take the completed document into the examination for unit 2. In addition, we recommend that you retain a copy of this document in order to refer to its contents as a part of your revision for unit 4.

Active citizenship is about making a difference. The contexts can relate to developing your own knowledge, applying your knowledge in a real or simulated situation involving others, developing active citizenship skills and applying them in real and simulated situations; active citizenship participation to bring about change, working alone or with others. These activities can take place in the classroom, your school, college or within the wider community.

Examples of active citizenship tasks

A) Developing your own knowledge You need to carry out research in order to inform yourself about an element of the course. This research could involve speaking and questioning others or using ICT abilities. Once undertaken this research is then applied to a citizenship task.
B) Applying your knowledge through citizenship skills Taking part in a discussion or formal debate having to present a case and convince others by advocating a point of view.
C) Participation to bring about change You and others organise an event to raise awareness of an issue.

Other examples could include influencing decisions by taking part in the democratic process, help empower others to put forward their point of view, make a change for the better, challenge an injustice or resist an unwanted change.
This document contains a number of log sheets in relation to the forms of participation outlined above. Some of your work will range over all three headings, ie you develop your knowledge, you determine a course of action using your citizenship skills which leads to your participation in an active citizenship task.

Completing the log sheets

The start and completion dates enable you to review the amount of time you devoted to this task and when.

Content area This section helps you identify from which unit of the specification content your task is drawn (see section 3 of the specification subject content). This ensures that there is a clear citizenship focus to your work.
Nature of the work undertaken This enables you to identify the range of citizenship skills you have used.
Evidence In this section you identify any sources of evidence you may have retained in relation to the task. This material will help you refresh some of the detail of the activity when you review it at a later date.
Reflection This section is completed after you have completed the task. It enables you to reflect upon the work undertaken. These comments can be both negative and positive. As your work develops, it is hoped that these reflective points are taken into account when undertaking future tasks.

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A Developing your own knowledge

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Feb 10

March 10

The concept and nature of power

The concept and nature of power - The nature of political power within the UK and the relationship between various levels of government.

Our teacher got us to imagine that we were estabilishing a government on a desert island. This task led me to develop my knowledge about ideas such as democracy, power,