Citizenship: United States and Citizenship Essay

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This means that individuals or groups of families who tend to move to a new nationality must perform their traditional customs and everyday norms. This consists of dressing to blend in with the population because it is a way to practice a country’s tradition. Most importantly, a nomad must learn to speak the language of the country they chose to live in. For example, living in the United States requires speaking the English language in order to be a part of the America Dream, which is to experience the happiness that can be obtained through hard work and dedication. Nomads must learn a new culture to be considered a citizen because legal documents have little effect if one does not practice or perform the everyday customs.
Having the documentation that proves one is a legal citizenship can do so little if the individual does not perform the obligations placed upon. Nomads can have passports and certificates claiming their status in society but they must be perform tasks and partake in the country’s tradition. This gives another meaning to nomadic citizenship; nomads are also partaking in a cultural citizenship. The notion of belonging to a group is a part of cultural citizenship because nomads want to have the full rights and voice their own arguments. Also, it creates authenticity with someone that is foreign. An example of authenticity is to perfectly speak a language with no struggle and no accent. For most, this can be difficult to accomplish because the majority have already perfected their own cultural language. Joseph states, “Citizenship is accomplished as borders are reconfigured and new regional or economic identities redefine older ones.” Even though mastering another language can be a difficult process, most nomads will change their older identities but not diminish them completely.
Mina is one of the main characters in the movie, Mississippi Masala. She is an Indian woman who has experienced the effects of a nomadic citizenship because she has moved to various countries before moving to the United States and eventually meeting someone like Demetrius. Mina and Demetrius’ experiences throughout the movie demonstrate the performance of citizenship. This is shown with Mina and how she had to assimilate in American culture in order to reduce discriminatory experiences that most foreign individuals go through. The way she associates herself in an American culture is the way she dresses. She alternates with both her heritage and American culture as a way to embrace both. There are times that Mina is in shorts and an oversized shirt that indicate her