Types Of Federalism

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Federalism- Divided between state and national

Political Culture- the attitudes, values, and beliefs that people hold towards government

Culture Wars- Political Conflicts that emerge from deeply held moral values

10th Amendment- Reserves powers for the states
Federal Pre-emption- The principle that national laws take precedence over state laws

Citizen participation- pg 79

Primary system- pg 87
Open Meeting Laws- Statutes that open the meetings of government bodies to the public
Political Parties- organizations that nominate candidates to compete in elections and promote party ideas. Page 104 * Ticket splitting- * Divided Government, Unified government * * Interest Groups- organizations of like minded individuals who desire to influence government * Lobbying- The process by which groups and individuals attempt to influence policymakers. Anyone who is receiving compensation to influence legislative action * Grassroots Lobbying- pg 121

1. contact District Councilmen
2. State your problem
3. Get the persons Name who you say you spoke with
4. Tracking #
5. Follow Up

Five Types of Local Government

-General Purpose Local Government
-Single-purpose local governments

Home Rule- power from states to local governments
Charter- sets out the city structure

At large election- City wide contest
District Election- Only person in locality can vote


Alderman- city council members
City Council