The City Of Tifton

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105February, 06, 2013The City of Tifton
One place I’ve been that has been siginificant to me is the town of Tifton. Tifton is asmall town in the state of Georgia, and is nicknamed “the reading capitol of the world”
. Tifton is a very old looking town that has old parts that makes it look like it’s a town that hasn’t aged a bit.If you passed through Tifton, you would see a few modern stores like mcdonalds,walmart, etc, but as you get deeper you would see lots of very old looking buildings. The buildings in some parts of Tifton look like something from an old western film. Travelingthrough Tifton you would also see a lot of old war vehicles and monuments on display aroundthe city.The reason this place is significant is because I lived here for five years of my life.Another reason is that I learned a lot of things here as a teenager like how peoples cultures can be different from one city to the next. I also learned about how people can speak differently, useunusual words for certain things, have different customs, and live a different way.The first reason I think Tifton is the way it is are the people. The people of Tifton arevery old cultured and country like, for example most of the buildings the people live in are very

old, but not bad looking houses. The reason I think it’s this way is that most of the familys have lived there their entire lives and their houses have been passed on one generation to the next.The people in Tifton are nice! Most of the people in Tifton randomly talk to you andoffer you rides, where in as in New Orleans no one offers rides, even if they know you from class. The people also invite you places and are overly generous as if they’re all part of the same family.The second rason I think Tifton is this way is it’s location. Tifton is far from any major city so most of the people rarely leave, and they rarely need to since there’s a lot of stores there.Tifton also has a lot of farmers and farms where family’s grow their own food so they never needto travel far. When I would speak to the people at school or around town most of them would tell me they’ve