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Zach Mathias
City-University Life

Listen This chapter is appealing to me because I have had communication problems in the past just because one of us wasn't able to listen to the other and this caused a lot of problems so I worked on my listening skills and it helped me later on in life. It’s all lessons learned but I wouldn't have learned them unless i would have listened to who was giving me the advice!

Speak Kindly Speaking kindly is one of the most upheld things that goes on in my home. I take it very seriously myself because I feel that you can change a persons life by simply speaking kindly to them. You may even save their life you never know what someone is going through so it is most important to just be nice.

Keep It Down I think that getting away from the “noise” of the world is a great and powerful thing sometimes. I know with myself when i get to have my own time that it is very helpful with not only getting in touch with me but getting away from all of the stress from the world. This is one of the most important things in life as well because sometimes it might be a little too much to handle so its nice to get away and get to a quiet place to be there with your thoughts.

Avoid Personal Questions This topic i think is pretty self explanatory i believe because most of the time when confronted with a personal question people tend to be uncomfortable and they do not like answering them so its natural to avoid the questions that involve private…