City Of Canning Rules And Regulations

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City of Canning

1. •Canning Council 2. •Rules & Regulations
3. •Services Provided 4. •Street Marches and Petitions
•Influencing the Council 5. •Voicing your opinion 6. •Protecting your rights
•Australian Government

Canning Council

The City of Canning is controlled and looked-after by the Canning Council. Schools aren’t a rare sight in the City of Canning along with many other infrastructures;
•Primary Schools: 23
•Secondary Schools: 5
•Private Schools: 1
•Specialty Schools: 1
•Hospitals: 1
•Nursing homes: 3


City of Canning are on a budget supplied by the State Government and put the money out into the community by upgrading or building parks, schools, hospitals, transport, education and other council amenities. The revenue in 2006 was $78,480,000,000APPROX. and the total expenditure was over that at 86,400,000,000APPROX..


Rules & Regulations
Rules and regulations are put in place to ensure a safe and friendly community. The rules and regulations in the City of Canning are basically laws to protect it’s environment and it’s citizens. An example of a rule and regulation would be under the ‘Prohibitions and Activities requiring consent;
Prohibited to create, commit, or take park in any nuisance or disturbance o behave in a disorderly manner or offensive manner or use indecent language or commit any act of indecency.

That rule protects the citizens of the Canning community and their rights.

How is a councillor elected?
Councillors in the City of Canning are elected by vote of the people living in that shire. The WAEC( Western Australian Electoral Commission ) count and run the vote process for the local council members


What are Street marches and petitions?
A street march is usually a crowd or large gathering of people trying to get their voices heard and ideas taken in by the council. Some street marches get disruptive or put out anti-social ideas.

A petition is a request bearing the signatures or names of those who are putting forth the request to a person of Authority. Petitions are used to argue or disagree with a government plan or idea and to show their idea and prevent these government plans.

Does the council listen?

If the council doesn’t respond to these requests, street marches or petitions they may get out of hand for example if a small street march protesting against whale killing starts with 20 people and the government continues to ignore it the group can grow and become violent(below).


How would a rate payer voice their concern?

In order to voice your concern to the council by contacting the main office of the City of Canning would be the best idea. The main office is located on Albany