Essay on City: Poverty and Similar Theme

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Before I even read the assignment my eyes were drawn to the given pictures representing the cities. I immediately thought that they represented the poor people in their given areas. Once I fully read the assignment I knew that my initial inclination was correct. It is never an enjoyable sight to see how awful conditions are for members of society in third world countries. At first glance of the pictures you may just see poor third world citizens, but after taking a longer look you can learn much more about the people. The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”, is completely accurate when referring to the photographs in the PowerPoint. Instead of just seeing poor people, you can actually see the struggles they face with housing, what they do in order to make money, and how the government treats them. Each picture in the slide relates to a similar theme that is occurring in third world countries. You may see two pictures of what looks like debris piled together, but in reality those are the citizen’s homes. Squatter settlements are very common in poor areas. The people gather anything they can to make a shelter that they call home. Three out of the four pictures on the top half of the slide show what members of society do in order to try and make a living in order to survive. Some work in market areas selling produce or clothes while others try and taxi townspeople and tourists to their desired locations. The sad thing about their work situation is that they have few to no other options. Money is hard to come by, thus they will do whatever it takes to make an income. The remaining pictures