Essay City and Guilds Coursework for Outcome 2

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Outcome 2.1

Explain the key components of a healthy and safe home based environment

As a childminder I will be providing meals and snacks for the children so I must ensure this is done in a hygienic way. I would regularly disinfect the toilet seat and flush handle, taps and bathroom door handle regularly to stop cross contamination.

When storing, preparing and cooking food I will;
- cover and wrap food in the fridge and keep raw meat at the bottom (to prevent blood dripping onto other foods)
- never use foods after they have gone out of date
- defrost food fully before using it
- never to re freeze food that has already been thawed out

Also in the kitchen I would;
- keep equipment and utensils out of reach
- fit cupboard
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In my garden I would ensure sand pits are covered, fencing is safe and secure, gates are close properly and have locks to stop people getting in and children getting out! Any outdoor play equipment would be regularly checked for signs of wear and tear and would be secured firmly to the ground. I would also ensure there was safe landing area underneath play equipment like climbing frames and swings like play bark and also make sure the sand in the sand pit in child friendly.

In my home I would do a risk assessments regularly taking time to get down to toddler height and see all the things that would look interesting to a small child! Once risk assessments are done I would see what action needed to be taken to ensure everything and everywhere is safe for a child. I would regularly check toys for signs of wear and tear, check batteries to ensure they have not leaked and are still working properly, a talking toy dog isn't much fun if it's talking very slowly or not at all!! Any broken toys would be thrown away immediately. I would need to be sure children couldn't touch hot items like radiators and cookers/grills. Plus sockets would need to be checked that they are not overflowing with extension leads or too many plugs and that unused plug sockets are covered with a proper socket cover. It would always be a good idea to check smoke alarm batteries regularly and fit a carbon monoxide alarm if appropriate.

Outcome 2.4

Know where to obtain current