Citzenship Assignment 3 Essay

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Unit 3 – Citizenship, Diversity and the Public Services
Assignment 3
P7 - Report on three examples of current affairs that affect public services and citizens
M4 - Analyse the effects on citizens and public services of the way that three examples of current affairs have been reported by the media.
Current affairs in the UK that affect the Public Services and citizens of society are the student demonstrations, the increase of fuel prices and the cutbacks of the Public Services. These all have an effect on society and the affect it has depends on the way in which the media portrays the Public Services and citizens of society.
Fuel Prices Increase - The recent fuel price increase sparked anger amongst motorists across the UK. A protest
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The media has cast a bad eye over the Police service due to broadcasting the minority of Police officers who were taking an aggressive style to the situation. However the media have also given the student generation a bad name due to releasing only the majority which were vandalising the streets of London and showing aggression towards the Police. For those minority who were expressing their displeasure in the rise of tuition fees by a harmless protest, they are now stereotyped against by the citizens that have been brain washed by the media. The media is in control of how the news is released, therefore they can manipulate the citizens of the country who are at home being told what the media want the people of the county to hear.
P8 - Present information on how the media reports current affairs involving public’s services
The media reports on incidents and operations that the Public Services are a part of and they can portray the services how they want citizens of society to see them. They can do this by editing film footage and using clips in a specific order to show citizens if they think the Public Services are doing the right thing or to present them doing something in retaliation to another incident when the two incidents were completely unrelated.
How the Media works - Members of the media are not only members of the public; they can influence the way the