Civic And Career Unit 1 Essay

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E-Notebook Lesson 1 - Notes Background Information -2006 - 33 countries involved in study to measure pride in those countries -Canada - 7th in list for most proud -Highest score in Venezuela Activity Areas of PrideReasons for Ranking1. Canadas Democratic system of GovernmentThis system in Canada is what defines Canada as a country. The freedom we have as Canadians is what allows Canada to be a diverse multicultural society, as well as a strong economic structure built by the brilliance of our citizens.2. Canadas MulticulturalismAssimilation can be seen all throughout Canada. The majority of the population in Canada is comprised of immigrants. These are the immigrants that built Canada as a country today.3. Canadas PeacekeepingCanadas peacekeeping is one major thing to be proud of because it allows for Canada to be a safe and reliable place to live. War is a major destruction and peacekeeping is able to stop its initiation. 4. Canadas Health Care SystemAlthough Canadas health care system is beneficial in many ways, it is the reason we pay many taxes throughout the year. This could be a disadvantage for those who dont usually need the same health care that others do.5. Canadas scientific and technological achievementsAlthough we are extremely technologically advanced in our society, our achievements in this field arent too high for the most part. The United States, Japan and even Russia is better at inventing applications whereas we are able to provide for the resources to use them.6. The way Canada treats its AboriginalsCanada has had many issues with treating their Aboriginals right. For example the Ipperwash Crisis that resulted in an innocent mans death. There were many land claims the Aboriginals had as well. However, Canada has fixed the majority of these issues and is working on more. Notes From this activity it can be seen that assimilation is a big part of what shapes Canada. Canada Day Quiz Score 13/16 Lesson 2 - Notes Background Information Conflict occurs when There are two perspective to the situation There are different beliefs and opinions There are different interests and the outcome of situation may be beneficial for one person Conflicts are hard to resolve because one person may not be viewing the situation from the other persons perspective. Emotions make a situation more complex Finding common ground allows for the people involved to share their perspective on the situation Conflict Resolution There are five common ways of dealing with conflict Denial or Withdrawal Person pretends the conflict exists and walks away from it. Conflict technically remains unsolved. Could be convenient if issues are not critical. Smoothing Over Person uses suppression plays. May be used when trying to preserve relationship when issue of not critical. Power of Dominance Used to settle differences. May be vested in ones authority or position and may that the form of a majority or persuasive minority. Results in winners and losers, losers being the ones who are not in favour of final decision. Compromise or Negotiation Although considered virtue, it has drawbacks as one party doesnt want to give as much as they get. Not very effective and made when there is a speedy decision. Integration or Collaboration The parties are to recognize the interest and abilities of others in order to gain an understanding of where they stand in the situation. Additional Thoughts or Comments Personally, I think the best form of resolution is integration or collaboration due to the fact that it allows for one person to understand the others situation better. Putting themselves in the others shoes. Opinion Paragraph Drinking Age The legal drinking age should be raised to 21. Adolescents tend to make minor mistakes that can lead to major consequences however, if the influence of alcohol is present, both the mistake and consequence is deemed worse. For example, car accidents happen everyday, but with the influence of alcohol, the