Civic Engagement Reflective Essay

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According to Elizabeth Goreham from, "Civic engagement is very important. We all live here together and we need to look out for another." Nowadays, many young people spent most of their time for social media, and they don't really care about their communities. This semester, I was so happy to mastering skills related to personal enrichment in addition academics, which I never think I can get better. Time management, working in team and communication helped me to improved my communities in many ways.
Time management is very important for everyone, especially, for college students. It is a key for us to reduces stress, use time more efficiently, etc. Thus, I was so happy because I became better at setting time for myself. I always
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Furthermore, you can have a chance to understand the strengths and the weakness of each member in your group. I was a shy person, I did not want to talk or work with anyone, but it has been changed after I am having this class. I was able to share my idea and received the feedbacks from my partner. On the other hand, I could use my knowledge to help my partner work more quickly and effectively. This skill helped me to connect with everyone around me and I was able to help them when they need it. This semester I improved my teamwork skills and that also made my communication skills get better. I was able to express my idea clearly, confidently, and it also allowed me to build the respect and trust for everyone. In addition, I could help my parents to translate, and that made me feel so happy because I can help my parents. This really improved my home life, my academic and my social community.
In conclusion, when I reach the thing I desired, I felt very proud of myself because I did something useful to everyone around me. Thus, I will keep doing it to make my communities better. Even though we just do a little thing, but it might be a big meaningful for other people. So, if you don’t know what should you do to make your community better, you can start it now. In order to achieve that, you just have to pay more attention in your class, or help your family when you have free time, etv. And that can make