Civic Virtue Research Paper

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Civic virtue is more than a right or part of the government in general; it is more of a standard of righteous behavior in relationship to a citizen's involvement in society. An individual may be part of civic virtue by voting, volunteering, organizing a book group, or attending a PTA meeting. Civic virtue is the cultivation of habits of personal living that are claimed to be important for the success of the community. With that stated, I was told to go out and either do community service or to go to government meetings to learn what civic virtue really meant. After going to the meetings I now truly understand how important civic virtue is. Being part of the government and working alongside a village, or even just listening to the meetings you are contributing to the community because you are informing yourself about the things that are going in all around you. For my meetings I went twice to the City of Burbank meetings. I went to the village of Palos Hills, Chicago Ride, and Bridgeview’s’ meetings. I went to the City of Burbank’s meetings because that is where I live and that is the place that is going to talk about things that are going to affect my life the most. The Village of Palos Hills was a great meeting because I used to live in Palos Hills and I wanted to know how things would have been if I still lived there. Chicago Ridge is close to home and I really wanted to see how the communities around us works and runs every month. I just recently moved from Bridgeview to live in Burbank and Bridgeview is a very great place to live and I wanted to know how they ran their city. The sad thing is I did not get the chance to sit and see the meeting do to the fact there was a mix up in the scheduling of the meeting. It was very disappointing to see that I was unable to see the meeting and sit around the cops and government officials that I have known for such a long time. Every meeting had their own set of things to talk about. In the City of Burbank’s meetings the mayor and the trustees were very welcoming and opened their minds to all the ideas and thoughts that the city residents had to offer. It really gave me a warm feeling that the mayor seemed to care about the people and he really showed is knowledge of the city and its occupants when a situation was brought up. Burbank dealt with new energy contracts that offered the residents new bills and other things in that area, construction of new homes that would bring more people to the city, flood assistance that really showed the people of the city that they feel sympathetic that there houses were flooded, and they also spoke of videogames that were corrupting and giving kids the ideas to do bad things at home and school. At the Village of Palos Hills the mayor and the other board members were very nice and really showed that they were dedicated to their jobs. At the meeting there was talk of a city council election. The elections led to the swearing in of the new aldermen. A talk about the budget report and a few wise words that I thought was really inspirational by Alderman Mr. Hanson. The Village of Chicago Ridge was the meeting that really opened my eyes because the mayor and some of the trustees were very nice, but a few of the board members were really disrespectful to the citizens of the village and really embarrassed the village and themselves. At the meeting they spoke about business licenses, ComEd distribution, and a short revenue report. This was a memorable meeting because the councilman really embarrassed himself when he fought with a group of workers when he did not grant them there business licenses. Two interesting stories that I