Civics Chapters 4-5 Essay

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Chapter 4 * Colonial Government * Any colony that challenged England would get its charter taken away. It’d then become a colony under English law. * Freedoms found * Magna Carta gave freedoms and rights to royals. * English Bill of Rights included everyone. * Press had freedom to publish and post what they wanted. * Before colonists and to follow ONLY their colonies religions, now they could practice some types of religion. Others weren’t allowed. * Problems with Britain * They wanted their king and government to take control of ours and not let people have freedoms and rights. * They only wanted us to trade with England. No other countries * They wanted states to be taxed and the money to go to the kings and government. Couldn’t agree on whether or not states should be taxed while importing and exporting goods. * Before war * First Continental Congress wanted colonies to have their rights. * Declaration of rights was to give rights to the colonies and let them have their own freedoms and make choices. * Second continental Congress said there was no turning back from this war. * The poem Common Sense was written by congress member Thomas Paine. * New government * State constitutions gave states limits to government power, and how much power could be in the state. Gave citizens’ rights such as religion and trial by jury. * Articles of confederation said each state would have 1 vote and would give national legislature power to make treaties and declare war.

Chapter 5

* Articles of confederation * Problems were how many representatives would there be from each state and how much power should national government be given? * Positives of this were there was separation of power between the 3 branches and how much government power would be given to states. * Constitutional Convention * Madison/VA said states should be given their number of representatives of how big the population was in that state. A 1 legislature house * Paterson/NJ said each state could have 2 senators, no matter what size. A 2 legislature house. * They finally compromised