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Swiss of color, fabric of silk
Breakfast as simple as cornflakes and milk
Occults fascinate and horror chills
Just another teenager trying to find more thrills
Beaches of white, Ocean of blue
The love of my life and it's true
Nature and music entwine as one
Homework, papers and books are never done
Friends misunderstand, that's what I can't stand
Why don't they take me as I am?
I rebel but with a cause
To change all within me that is flawed.
Understand me it's not that hard
Emotions play a very big part
Thoughts of mine fly like color in time
Sing song of harmony that fall in rhyme
Try to understand me that's all I ask
Try to understand me and this too shall pass

- Cynthia

This poem has a lot of meaning. It is about a teenager and their daily troubles. The speaker talks about how their friends don't understand them. It also talks about emotions and work. I believe this poem is mainly about how others often don't understand you and just look at the flaws. The theme of this poem is look beyond the flaws of people and don't judge.

The Road I Choose
From the day I had you, you made me free.
The more I had you, the more I could flee.
Since that day I kept you close,
Now it's time, you should be a ghost.
You ran my life for so long,
Escaping myself in that bong.
This new road is hard and long I'm sure,
That old road I took will be no more.
It's time to change the way I lived,
I have so much I want to give.
So for all of you who choose this path,
I wish you luck, it will be hard.
Think about today, don't worry about tomorrow,
Day by day you will leave that sorrow.

- Tim Steler

In this poem, the speaker is letting something go. I believe it could mean letting someone they loved go. Or possibly even something like drug abuse. They love it and are letting it go because they know it is bad for them. The theme of this poem could be to let your loved ones go.

God Will Make A Way
Society seems in a mess
Mothers cry, while Fathers stress to be polite is a disgrace as children mock you to your face

every day the papers show that crime and rape did upward go the things done in laboratories are stashed away in lavatories

drugs and sex aren't hard to find it seems as if the worlds gone blind for what the people fail to see is messing up society

as Dads no longer head their home and kids all sit, and chat by phone what once to all has been a home is looking like a war torn zone

no longer do you find that kids are playing in the park for it's become a hideout place for gangsters after dark

what once was right now seems so wrong no more joy and no more song as what this all was meant to be lies buried in a cemetery

by telling you these things my aim is not to make you mad it's just to tell another truth which soon will make you glad

amidst the chaos of this world of hurt, despair and pain and hate along with treachery all done for selfish gain

there's this one thing I know of believe with all my heart that when I bend my knees to pray my God will make a way

- Lydia Preston

This poem has a lot of meaning. It talks about how our society is in a mess. It goes over many problems with people and the society in general. This poem represents hope greatly. At the end of all the problems, the speaker says he still has hope. The theme of this poem is to never lose hope no matter what.

Hope Is Always There
In a sea of darkness
Searching for the light
But those who you once loved
Have left you to deal; alone
Ask for help, no one will come
But most of all, don't you lost hope
Hope is always there
Even in the roughest moments
Hope, I need you
Hope, I want you
You need something to hold onto
Hope is gone...
Is it really gone?
The demon inside you, grows stronger every day
We all have our demons
Everybody suffers
Everybody deals
Everybody copes
Everybody breaks
Everybody hopes
Everybody cries
Don't you cry
There's always hope
Angels, where have you gone?
Do not leave