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Civics Leadership Assignment: Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is an outstanding leader who did many things to prove his many admirable qualities. He was very courageous, just and knowledgeable. In this report I will show you how he displayed these traits throughout his remarkable life story.

Nelson Mandela was a very brave man. For example in his “8 Lessons of Leadership” the first lesson is Courage is not the absence of fear – it’s inspiring others to move beyond it”. He had to be very brave when he was sent to court and convicted and locked away for 27 years. As well, also in the article the writer says, “ When the plane was 20 minutes from landing, one of its engines failed… The only thing that calmed them was looking at Mandela.” He also had to be very brave because he had to go underground to hide from the apartheid government when the African National Congress (ANC) was outlawed. He had to lead the people by hiding his fear and strengthening others around him by doing so. He also had to deal with the enormous pressure of running the country and the fear of his opposers who could have been violent. That is how he shows his courage.

Nelson Mandela was also very wise in what he did. When he was working with the ANC to fight apartheid, he led them peacefully instead of with fighting. Also, when he was first elected into office, he did not fire all of the cabinet who were part of the old apartheid government but kept them there. And for good reason, if they were all doing their own thing they could have been working to get him out of office. Furthermore he learned about rugby; just to better connect with the Afrikaners. Mandela did things that took massive risks like negotiating with the government despite the fact that