Civil Disobedience

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The Price of A Free Society The United States was founded upon the principle of disobedience of the British Monarchy in order to build a nation where unalienable rights are bestowed to everyone. Citizens continually make it their priority to elect officials who have similar views in order for them to create beneficial laws, but at times some laws are deemed unconstitutional or the elected official is seen as a threat to the constitutional rights which in turn generate protests. Civil disobedience leads to a positive impact on a free society because it brings attention towards issues, limits the power of government, and gives a voice to the marginalized Various issues such as minority suffrage, slavery, and African-American rights have all accumulated attention throughout the history of the United States. It is thanks to those who were courageous enough to oppose the laws and enlarge national attention towards the issue that caused change to occur. Rosa Park was the beacon of light at a time where the darkness of one's skin determined where they would attend school, use water fountains, and where they could sit. “[She] …show more content…
Edward risked many consequences when leaking documents that he believed the public needed to be aware of in order for them to recognize that they were not truly “free.” The leaks proved that the American public was being spied on by it’s own government, “he [Edward Snowden] uncovered questionable activities that those in power would rather have kept secret. That’s the valuable role that whistle-blowers play in a free society” (Cassidy 1.) These acts, that some consider treasonous while others consider heroic, display how civil disobedience is the key to upholding our freedom and constitutional rights, as well as limiting the power that the government has over it’s