Civil Disobedience Research Papers

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Civil disobedience is key to democracy and a free society. If someone is not allowed to express themselves and stand up for what they believe in then there is no freedom in society. People must break the unjust rues peacefully, and the society must recognize what they are doing The Great Martin Luther King Jr. shows the importance of civil disobedience, his actions help bring the United States to where it is today. Without his civil disobedience then we may still be a segregated society. Martin Luther King Jr, is a hero who stood up for what he believed in, even if he recognized it may cause problems for him.

If someone is willing to peacefully break the laws but is unwilling to take the consequences, then there is no benefit. The power
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Rules must be enforced, so if the protester needs to be sent to jail for then that is understandable. But if a society persecutes and unjustly attacks those that protest peacefully, then they are impeding their own progressions as a society. People in a society must peacefully protest those laws that are unjust, and the government must not infringe on those rights.

Another famous example of the importance of civil disobedience is Rosa Parks. When she refused to give up her seat in the bus she was able to start a boycott on the buses in her neighborhood, which ended in the desegregation of those buses. Civil disobedience allows for change to occur. Great society's need to change and adapt, and civil disobedience helps show that change is needed once again.

Edwards Snowden, who some say is a prime example of civil disobedience, is at not a hero, because he actually no unwilling to except the consequences of his actions. The government had overstepped their boundaries, and the public had a right to know about this. It was a good decision to leak the documents the way he did, it was a patriotic act. It was not patriotic to run to Russia, an enemy of the United States. He was unwilling to face the music, he was not willing to stand up for what he believed in. He was willing to