Civil Right Movement Analysis

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The way I can better understand the Civil right movement is four different sources I use.The sources are 1963 civil rights campaign Barbara Sylvia Shores, Watson’s go to Birmingham, the photos, and the letter from Birmingham jail.1963 talks about a woman that lived in the civil rights movement time getting her house bombed by white people that didn’t like his dad because he was a part of the civil rights movement.Watsons go to Birmingham is a fictional movie that has real life events that happened in Birmingham like 16th street baptist church being bombed.The letter from Birmingham jail is a passage that has Martin Luther King jr. talking about how we should be free and why he was in Birmingham.The photos showed us about what happened in Birmingham …show more content…
demands no violence because you can’t get what you want when you are being mean towards the people you want to get freedom from.Martin Luther King jr. doesn’t want violence because he wants his protests to work and back to be free once and for all.Martin Luther King jr. demands nonviolence because he wants to do whatever it takes to be free one day.The letter from Birmingham explains what he wanted to change, there wasn’t photos in a letter, and he demands for nonviolence that is the reason this is the second best