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Wrongly Accused With our founding fathers carefully constructed constitution, the government should be accounted for its nation’s people on accord. However, the system failed the governed in doing so. The countless numbers of wrongly accused individuals in America is preposterous. These drastic experiences not only create internal conflict within that person, but also as well as their families, and brought light onto our corrupt judicial system. Injustice in America is nothing new at all. All too often, people fail to come to the realization that not only are they revoking inalienable rights of innocent people; but, in the end, these people are being victimized, which results to the development of psychological problems such as depression and panic disorders, and creating dependences on drugs and alcohol to cope with their traumatic events (Grounds). The government expects everything to be all better with the money they throw at exonerees when actuality it merely changes little to nothing. These are people with families. They often find themselves treating their children if they have any, like the age they were when they were imprisoned (Grounds). Families have been torn apart by idiotic decisions made by total and complete strangers. They do not realize the major effort they have when deciding the fate of innocent people. Things that should be granted to any person are taken away. The birth of their first child, their first steps, date, heartbreak, prom, their child walking across the stage, their child walking down the aisle, their grandchild’s birth, the death of their mother, and the list can