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Civil Rights Act (1964)

I chose “Discrimination in employment decisions” as my subject law. Around 1964, the
Civil Rights Act withheld an employer to make hiring decisions based upon race, sex, color, religion, or national origin in employment decisions such as: pay, working conditions, promotion, discipline, or discharge. Although, just because a law is in place does not mean everyone will follow it. Throughout the years there has been many complaints received by the
EEOC about many discriminations from sex, race to everything I have listed above. That said, the Congress passed a public law in 1964 ruling against all forbidden acts employers were deciding on their own on what is wrong and what is right through their own opinions of discrimination. I feel this is a very important topic for myself as for everyone all over the world.
Everyone needs some sort of money flow in order to survive day to day. Without any kind of income what so ever people would be living on the streets day in and night, the economy would be downhill faster than you could blink your eyes. Not only is it extremely important that one needs to be employed, it’s the matter of the fact that they’re large amounts of employers and businesses that choose their own race, gender or even religion to come work for them leaving many people out of work , not on their working capability but for the color of their skin or the simple fact of being either a female or a male. Every American without regard to his or her race has equal privileges, the right to be free. “This is not a sectional issue. Difficulties over segregation and discrimination exist in every city, in every State of the Union, producing in many cities a rising tide of discontent that threatens the public safety….We are confronted primarily with a moral issue. It is as old as the scriptures and is as clear as the American
Constitution.” That being said, the law on discrimination in the workplace is constantly evolving. Realistically, we are all the same, therefor we should treat each other all the same.
What’s the purpose in all the campaigns giving the message out that we all have the same equal opportunities, when race is the invisible line withholding everyone from grasping theirs?
Of course many of us will get the idea that we may all be the same as human beings but our appearences are all different from each other. One may not get a position because of the way they look, having nothing to do with your race a…