Civil Rights Era Notes

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Civil Rights Era Notes #1


The Civil Rights Movement: was a push for increased rights of all minorities but particularly African Americans. It was often marked by non­violent protests and marches. Significant legislation and Supreme Court decisions helped African
Americans gain rights that had been promised but never realized.

The Presidency LBJ

Assumed the presidency after the death of President __________________ and

continued Kennedy’s reforms which included improving the nations goods, tax cuts,
________________ legislation and a __________________________
LBJ’s __________________________ propelled to victory in the 1964 election and gave birth to the ________________ and the Head Start Preschool program which are both active today.
By 1966 the country’s attention had shifted to the war in __________________ and
LBJ’s important domestic work would be _______________________ by the Vietnam War.

President Johnson wanted to start massive social reform. However, the Vietnam War occupied time and money and would eventual take over his presidency. It would have been the most extensive social reform program in the U.S. history.

Fights against School Segregation

Review: In ____________________ the Supreme Court upheld the legality of ___________ laws and other forms of racial discrimination
Ground Breaking: ____________________ (1946): Heman Sweatt (a black man) applied for admission to the ___________________ but, rejected because of his __________ (separate but equal), but the school they would create for blacks was found to ______________
Mendez v. Westminster (1946) ruled that the segregation of _______________ and Mexican Americans into special schools only for Hispanic children was _____________________
In _____________________ of Education of Topeka the Supreme Court ruled that segregated schools
(separate, but equal) were ______________ Note: This case overturned Plessy v. Ferguson.
____________________ Was the lawyer for both court cases and represented the NAACP

Re­election Campaign 1964

In 1964, Governor of Alabama, ______________________ entered the presidential primary
He would run four different times, he was a fierce _____________________________
He symbolically blocked the University of ________________ doors during the desegregation of the
University __________________

Johnson Re­elected

Johnson won the election of ____________ in a landslide taking 61% of the popular vote.
Johnson quickly began to make reforms in _____________, education and urban renewal.


Head start and upward bound fosters improved development of young children from

The Federal Housing Authority improved housing ______________and ____________ insurance of mortgages

Supreme Court under