Civil Rights Movement Essay

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Adina Doctor
English III
Ms. Rodgers
April 11, 2014
Reflection Journal #2

1 Please review your Letter of Intent prior to completing this task. Then, evaluate your progress during this work period toward achieving your learning goals and completing the tasks listed in your approved Proposal & Plan. How do you rate your own progress? Why?
I rate my own progress a 9 because; I worked really hard and fixed most of my mistakes. I went to learning center and asked for additional help and care. I started eliminating extra activities that caused me to lose focus on my occupation.
2 A powerful personal attribute is resiliency. Please explain an unforeseen obstacle that arose in your Semester Project, or perhaps a mistake that you made. How did you persevere through this obstacle or learn from this mistake? How have your actions demonstrated the personal attribute of resiliency?
The mistakes that I’ve made were based on procrastination and things worded wrongly. I wasted too much time on hanging with friends instead of actually at home typing and editing. Misspelled words and unhealthy sentences caused me the most trouble. I learned that if you make a mistake and you want to at least try to fix it; you need to CTRL+ALT+DEL. You need to find some type of control over this mistake, find an alternative to make sure your mind is set, and delete everything that’s causing your mistakes to increase. Making mistakes are common it’s up to you to get up and grow from it.
3 A valuable life skill is maintaining balance. Now that you are close to completing your project (or already done), how did your plan for maintaining balance work? What worked well? What did not? What would you change if you were to do it again?
Maintaining balance is very important. My weeks are going to be based on work, homework, research, and editing and my weekends are going to be based on freedom, but if I have to do school work on the weekends then that’s going to be it. Balancing time is important also. I need to start working ahead instead of jamming everything in at the last minute.
4 What have you learned in your Semester Project that relates to the curriculum that you have learned in your past years of education?
I believe getting into health and body classes will help me with my career choice such as the study of