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Last War on Civil RightsKacee Hurt
Mrs. Turner
English 155
25 July 2012
The Last War on Civil Rights Civil rights are something that American have been fighting and in some cases dying over throughout the history of this country. Some of these rights that are being violated are those of homosexuals. It is unimaginable that any citizen of the United States of America, the land of the free, could be told that they were not allowed to marry the person of their choosing. The ability to marry a loving consenting adult of your choice is not a privilege. Every American should be a given the right to marry anyone of their choosing provided they do not encroach on anybody else’s unalienable rights. Times are changing and society needs to keep the pace. This country was founded on freedom of religion and the freedom from persecution. Over time these cornerstone rights and foundations laid to protect our people have been twisted. In most cases these rights and freedoms have been used as political or religious pawns. We all suffer when this happens. Denying rights and marital benefits to Americans simply because of their sexual orientation is unconstitutional and morally wrong. It is clearly written in the constitution that there should be a separation between church and state. Religion should have no bearing on who someone marries and should not factor into politics or an election. Religion, in fact, should in no way even be in the arena or debate. One can go to church every Sunday, but that does not guarantee them to be a good person. Being a homosexual is not an indication that someone is a bad person. Rick Santorum stated that a convict would make a better father than a homosexual. It is inconceivable that a person who is never there could be a better parent than two loving people, regardless of gender. All children want is to be loved, there are plenty out there that need a safe, loving home. A homosexual couple (not imprisoned) could provide that stability just as well as a heterosexual couple. Many children today would not recognize what a normal 1950’s family was like. The average family now is completely different. Times are changing. Women are working more now than they did back in the 50’s and the economic hardships have placed a strain on the home front. Divorce rates are more than 50% and a child needs stability whether it is a heterosexual couple raising them or a gay couple. Telling someone it is illegal to marry another consenting adult is absurd. Legalizing gay