Civil Rights Speech Analysis: Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights

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Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights Speech Analysis This speech was made by Eleanor Roosevelt, who was the first lady of the thirty second President of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. This speech was given on Human Rights Day in the year 1948. This was an important speech topic for Eleanor Roosevelt, due to her strong opinions on the matter. She was so involved in this topic that she was given two different prestigious positions involving Human Rights. The first of which being the First Chair of the United Nations Commission on Human rights from nineteen forty-six through nineteen fifty-two. During this time, she spoke on numerous occasions to the United Nations and convinced them to allow the United States to become the “world police”. …show more content…
This to me was off putting and gave me the feeling that I was being fed lies. There were also numerous occasions where she would squint and lean forward and then drop her gaze when referencing her notes. There wasn’t very much to write on from this four-minute speech. She was lacking in actual facts, she stated and restated the same rhetoric on the importance of Human Rights. But in Eleanor Roosevelts defense she was a very successful iconic woman in United States history. She influenced many different negotiations and helped reinforce the Bill of Human Rights. She was truly devoted to the topic issue of general Human Rights and equality. She spoke in a way that was able relate to the common people of other nations that probably didn’t have English as a first language. But I still stand firm in my stance and say this speech isn’t deserving of its top fifty ranking. I would also like to make clear that I am not sexist or allowing outside bias effect my decision. But in this role of power, other countries who aren’t so excepting of women’s rights, might view her as weak and unimportant, thus making her statements invalid. I understand my views may not be widely accepted but this is